The IBIZA bathtub, by KLARQ architecture atelier

Ibiza, a fascinating island by day and by night, gives its name to the first bathtub designed by KLARQ architecture atelier.

A bathtub that captures the magic of Ibiza, where the divine and the human come together in a pure and eternal space that fuses architecture, design and elegance. A circle as an absolute geometric figure, becomes a range of sensations created by the smoothness of the finish, the infinity effect of water overflowing on the surface and the sounds it creates when falling.

The architectural form of this bathtub complements the straight and clean lines of the room, giving the whole a delicate note of harmony, peace and sensitivity, instantly becoming the centerpiece of a spa or any bathroom in a designer home or passive house.

We are passionate about interior design, that’s why, in our architecture studio, we conceive design as a whole; understanding the importance of a project going from the general to the concrete; from its location on the site, to the fixtures and fittings used.

KLARQ architecture atelier, more than houses, a lifestyle.