The Eva washbasin designed by KLARQ

Formed by a smooth curve that expands to create an ellipse, our first sink is named Eva; a piece full of character whose beauty lies in the sincerity and elegance of its distinctive minimalism.

The design of the Eva washbasin allows it to be installed in small spaces, being complemented by softly shaped minimalist faucets. Being an integral piece, it elevates any bathroom giving it prominence and thus becoming a key piece in any home or business.

At KLARQ architecture atelier we are inspired by Mediterranean style and strive to transfer it to all our interior design pieces; betting on a simple and natural essence that gives our pieces serenity, and minimalistic sophistication to the rooms where they are located.

We are an architecture and interior design studio that creates unique and efficient projects for its users. With our exclusive pieces we are able to create personalized and unique spaces that form a coherent set from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

If you are planning to start an architectural renovation in your home or a refurbishment in your business, from KLARQ architecture atelier we will help you create an exclusive and unique space that completely adapts to your needs.