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At KLARQ, we conceive architecture and design as a way to understand life, your way of life, and needs. These are important concepts when developing your architectural project, allowing us to design spaces fully adapted to you and your family.

We are a team of passivhaus architects and interior designers specialized in creating luxurious, efficient, and environmentally friendly spaces.

Guided by knowledge, innovation, and empathy, as well as respect for traditional Mediterranean architecture, our passion is to create contemporary spaces to be enjoyed with family and friends; where health, functionality, quality, and sustainability in construction are paramount. Thus, in our architecture studio in Ibiza and Mallorca, we are capable of creating sustainable architectural projects that maximize solar capture, ventilation, and natural resources, while maintaining aesthetics and all comforts.

Our style, faithful to a naturalistic Balearic essence that characterizes us, is applied to all our interior design, rehabilitation or new home projects; both in residential architecture and spaces intended for professional use, and we are specialists in building under Passivhaus energy efficiency standards, or passive houses, which guarantee minimum energy consumption and provide numerous benefits to health and the environment.

Passion, love and perseverance. We dedicate all the necessary time so that the final result exceeds expectations, putting the best of each one of ourselves in each project.

KLARQ, more than houses, a lifestyle.

Team: Passivhaus Architects

As certified Passivhaus architects in Ibiza and Mallorca, we design and build homes that meet the rigorous standards of Passivhaus architecture, focusing on energy efficiency and comfort.

Kimberley Díaz Jiménez

Architect, Passivhaus Designer and Co-founder of KLARQ.

Kimberley is an architect and co-founder, together with her husband Lluís Oliva i Munar, of KLARQ in 2017.

After several years dedicated to the design and creation of luxury homes and interiors, her passion now lies in the design and creation of unique and contemporary homes that breathe light, harmony and beauty.

Imaginative and ingenious, Kimberley is KLARQ’s creative engine, leading the most creative and conceptual phases, as well as the design of exceptional furniture and interior objects with her minimalist, Mediterranean and utterly elegant style.

With more than a decade of experience in the sector and the vocation to popularise a more sustainable architecture, Kimberley fuses her conceptual vision with a great capacity for empathy, giving way to unique projects that perfectly adapt to the life and needs of its inhabitants.

“Knowing how to listen and empathise with people is the first step in organising ideas and making them come true.”

Lluís Oliva i Munar

Architect, Passivhaus Tradesperson, BIM Manager and Co-founder of KLARQ.

A fan of photography, Lluís is the executive face of KLARQ and responsible for taking a project from the conceptual phase to its completion. With tablet in hand directing works for our national and international clients, he solves the issues that arise on a day-to-day basis, thanks to his great problem-solving capacity, infinite patience and attention to detail.

Working together with Kimberley Díaz Jimenez, Lluís has evolved professionally with similar interests, but at the same time with a different point of view that complements the other very well, creating the perfect tandem together.

His knowledge in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and passion for innovation, as well as his years of experience abroad, have made it easy for Lluís to develop a functional and minimalist approach that always allows him to find a solution.

“The only thing impossible, is what one does not try.”



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