Proyecto Wellness SPA del estudio de arquitectura KLARQ con iluminación cálida y natural y decoración minimalista con toques dorados.
Rehabilitation of a spa

Conceived as a place where light meets shadow, where water meets air and contemporary architecture mixes with wild nature; this rehabilitation project has been a challenge for KLARQ architecture atelier due to the peculiarity of the pre-existing building as well as the location, orientation and orography of the land on which it stands.

We opted to keep the façade, covered in local stone which runs forming a perfectly semicircular curve, due to its great beauty and the therapeutic effect of the filtered light that enters through its windows from sunrise to sunset, thus allowing us to create that desired connection between the interior and the exterior and at the same time giving rise to a peculiar space with a magical light that’s wrapped in vegetation.

The interior design is minimalist and contemporary in contrast to the rustic and naturalistic exterior. Very pure lines have been designed that, together with the use of few warm and natural materials, give a feeling of harmony in a space where less is more and one can really disconnect and relax. The IBIZA bathtub, an original and exclusive design from KLARQ architecture atelier, is the centerpiece in this space dedicated to well-being.

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