Render del interiorismo del proyecto de rehabilitación BENASQUE de KLARQ con una cocina moderna, rústica y minimalista.
Refurbishing a Borda in Benasque

What once was an abandoned borda, a stable or granary-like construction used to house animals, feed and food; is well on its way to becoming a contemporary family home in the Pyrenean valley of Benasque.

The façade becomes visible upon entering the inner patio where it quietly stands the test of time. Light, water and air converge in this space creating a sense of harmony and serenity. The social area which receives more light and has high ceilings is located on the upper floor, where the main entrance will be, whilst the ground floor which is more connected to the earth is reserved for the sleeping bedrooms.

The interior design is minimalistic and contemporary, contrasting with the exterior, giving this refurbishment unique character and style. Skylights have been strategically placed on its single-pitched roof, flooding the entire space with natural light whilst creating a spectacular effect depending on the season. The attic space has been specifically designed for stargazing and admiring the immense sky and stunning local scenery.

Respecting the pre-existing structure and aesthetic is crucial in this renovation project, as is also placing value on local materials and construction techniques to conserve as much of its protected façade’s natural charm and beauty.

KLARQ architecture atelier, more than houses a lifestyle.