Low energy Project


2020 - -

Casa Aruma arises from the understanding of the traditional context and culture of Mallorca. The design decisions are marked by a south-north slope of the land, landscape and unobstructed views to the north and west and an exceptional pine tree to the south.

A house with a privileged position in the environment, which seeks to remain open but at the very same time preserve its privacy. This gives rise to two courtyards that provide light and privacy to the first floor and a terrace on the second floor that opens onto the salinas (salt pans). A principal volume that is stepped in section to create spatial continuity between the ground floor and the first floor.

The first floor opens to the south and north through a pergola that allows the extension of the interior space to the outside creating a tangible spatial and visual continuity. The house is integrated into the environment using local materials and shades of ochre, which together with the green of the trees creates a harmony that conveys peace and tranquility.

Diseño y plano arquitectónico del proyecto de vivienda de dos plantas de bajo consumo energético del estudio de arquitectura KLARQ.
Render de la decoración exterior del proyecto Casa Aruma con una decoración natural y minimalista en un suelo de grava.
Vivienda de bajo consumo energético de KLARQ en Mallorca de dos plantas y colores claros, piscina y rodeada de naturaleza balear.
Render del proyecto Casa Aruma de KLARQ con las vistas desde la habitación que dan al amanecer en la orilla del mar de Mallorca.
Render del proyecto Casa Aruma de KLARQ de la vista panorámica del balcón con vistas del atardecer con luz cálida al mar de Mallorca.
Render del proyecto de vivienda de bajo consumo energético de KLARQ con cristaleras para iluminar la vivienda y paredes blancas.



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