Passivhaus Project


2020 - 2021

Ca Na Lola is a single-family home located in Campos, Mallorca, which has achieved Passivhaus Plus certification. The home has a very low level of air infiltration, with a Blower Door test result of 0.38 ach at 50 Pa. A solar photovoltaic generator installed in the garden generates approximately twice as much energy as the house consumes in an average year.


The house offers different degrees of privacy. An arch, open to the west, grands the access to the living room that shares space with the kitchen and the dining room. A short corridor leads to 3 double bedrooms with private bathroom, a pantry and a toilet. To the south, appears the outdoor enjoyment area where the swimming pool is the main element of a small oasis.

A series of strategies to achieve a low energy demand are applied on the design of the building. The bioclimatic design of the house, in which the orientation of the openings and the position of shading elements have been taken into account, to optimize solar capture throughout the seasons, allows energy consumption for air conditioning in the home to be reduced by taking advantage of the sun’s heat and natural cross ventilation. Along with this, the Passivhaus principles are added, which consist of thick insulation, high-performance windows, free of thermal bridges design, absence of energy losses due to infiltrations and controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.