Proyecto de diseño Mesa ES CODOLAR del estudio de arquitectura KLARQ con decoración minimalista encima de la mesa.
Es Codolar Table, by KLARQ architecture atelier

A table is much more than an everyday object. It gathers and creates moments around itself, becoming a ceremonial place where the senses take center stage.

A circle and a truncated cone. Two pure forms, which together make up a piece of interior design with minimalist aesthetics and organic line, our Es Codolar table. Designed exclusively by KLARQ, the resulting effect is of exceptional delicacy due to its proportions, elegance and finish.

A key piece of great versatility both for its design and for the possibility of making it in a wide range of colors; its tone varies according to the amount of light reflected by the microparticles of minerals incorporated in its formulation and also has a silky touch and incomparable softness thanks to a long process of handmade manual polishing. In short, a piece resistant to the passage of time.

We develop projects that bring meaning to those who will use it, marking as a common denominator the functionality, quality and the Mediterranean essence in its purest state. Less is more, and in our architecture and design studio we firmly believe in it, implementing this philosophy of life in our day to day.