Vivienda de bajo consumo energetico de KLARQ en Mallorca de dos plantas y colores claros, piscina y rodeada de naturaleza balear.
Casa Aruma, architecture and design in Mallorca

Casa Aruma, a contemporary Balearic architecture project by KLARQ, was born from the understanding of the context and the traditional culture of Mallorca, seeking to open up to the privileged environment that surrounds it, but at the same time preserving its privacy.

This contemporary house is perfectly integrated into the Balearic landscape by local materials and ocher colors, which together with the green of the flora creates a harmonious whole that conveys peace and tranquility.

The design of this newly built single-family house is marked by three conditioning factors; the slope of the land, the clear views to the northwest and an exemplary pine tree to the south.

The ground floor opens outwards with a pergola that allows the interior to extend outwards, creating a tangible spatial and visual continuity.

Likewise, the two patios on the first floor bathe this Mediterranean house with natural light and a terrace on the second floor grants spectacular views of the island’s salt flats.

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