Render del interiorismo de un proyecto de arquitectura Passivhaus de KLARQ con grandes ventanales que permiten entrar a mucha luz natural.
Breathe easy, Passivhaus is health!

We hear and read more and more about the poor quality of the air we breathe and the harmful effect it has on our health. Since we spend around 80% of our time in closed spaces, passive houses are an ideal solution to this problem since they guarantee environmental quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to their lower energy demand.

Indoor air quality in a Passivhaus home is optimal thanks, in large part, to the dual-flow mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery that this energy efficiency standard requires for efficient building construction. Thanks to this, there is a constant exchange of air without losing heat inside and, consequently, the concentration of harmful gases and CO2 remains at minimum levels, well below 700 ppm, while in conventional homes more than 1000 ppm of CO2 are frequently exceeded; so the feeling of stuffy air, fatigue and associated headaches do not occur in a Passivhaus home.

A passive house meets all the criteria for efficiency, sustainability and air quality; being a guarantee of an optimal level of interior comfort and environmental quality. At KLARQ architecture atelier, we are specialists in building under the Passivhaus standard. Let’s make your home project come true!