Benefits of living in a Passivhaus

Thanks to bioclimatic architecture, passive houses make better use of the energy of our environment. Combined with the rest of Passivhaus construction principles, a significant reduction in energy costs, greater economic savings, and ideal conditions in terms of health and comfort are achieved.

One of its advantages would be the maintenance of a pleasant and stable temperature and humidity throughout the house thanks to the insulation and the mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. The ideal solar orientation, determined in a previous study, allows heating and illumination of the passive house, which, together with good insulation, inherently leads to a reduction in heating demand. All this translates into a healthier environment, cleaner air and a smaller ecological footprint, and although the initial cost is slightly higher compared to a conventional house, passive houses have a very fast return on investment.

For all these benefits and many more, living in a Passivhaus you will be taking care not only of the health of your family and yourself, but you will also be taking care of the health of the environment and everyone.

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